>> Stuttgart 14.07.2016

„Now the bull horn crackles and the captain tackles with the problems and the how’s and whys.”  A line from in the famous song from the Boom town rats. A song about the aftermath of a playground shooting. Like probably many of you I think that we cannot hear any more news about Brexit and the doomsday stories which have been drawn out if Britain does follow through with the result of the referendum.

>> Stuttgart 16.06.2016

“My home is my castle” if there is one saying that captures the British spirit I guess this is the one.

>> Stuttgart 08.06.2016

Welcome back everybody, the last weeks have been busy and crazy at the same time.  Fordings was live in London at the Business Show in the Excel centre and are in the middle of discussions to finalise several business opportunities.

>> Stuttgart 30.04.2016

Today I write the first blog about Leadership, respectively leadership which negatively disrupts start-ups, SMEs and investor projects.

This blog focusses on what I would like to call the politician. This means that the success of the company is not necessarily in focus, more the profilation of the individual manager.

>> Stuttgart 27.04.2016

A couple of years ago, I met a guy called Simon over a friend of mine in a Stuttgarter beer garden. My first company was 3 years old and we were doing very well and hiring our first staff. 


Stuttgart 19.04.2016

Walt Disney method of creativity.

In my last blog, I wrote about the need for vision to fulfil the mission. Often our creativity is confined to the rules and regulations or customer expectations and behaviour that has formed the market we are in, and of course make it difficult to disrupt.


Stuttgart 13.04.2016

It never ceases to amaze me how many companies, even larger companies do not have a mission backed up with a vision or to make it more clear, are able to know the difference between a mission and a vision.

>> Stuttgart 05.04.2016

There are many articles and blogs on twitter, Facebook and co, trying to convince businesses that digital is the way to sell your product.

Alone today when doing a small bit of research on this story I found by searching through twitter over 25,000 entries from small, mid and large size social media companies all preaching the same gospel.  „Digital is the new analog”, and in the words of Gorbachev talking about the GDR „Life punishes the late comer“.

>> Stuttgart 04.04.2016

The fact that 90% of new products fail is a well-known fact. The main problem is that companies tend to focus too much on the development of their products and not on the reason why they are developing their products.  Little time is given to really carry out market analysis, address the product USPs, develop detailed sales and marketing strategies and give thought to sustainable success models it is easy to get lost in the excitement of developing our products and services and dreaming about the big life when customers will just burst through our doors and create millions in revenue.

Stuttgart 29.03.2016

Made by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. The founders of Fordings are not new to the start-up scene. In 2010 they founded a niche recruitment company without any seed capital and a shoe string budget of 10.000EUR.

Stuttgart 23.03.2016

Which manager or sales person has never been in David and Goliath situation? Whether presenting an uncomfortable set of results to top management or pitching to an investor or speaking to division leaders and CTOs at other companies to present a product or service, it is often the case that a certain amount of nervousness is attached with such meetings.

Stuttgart 15.03.2016

There are two conflicting rules in business: Rule no. 1 do not constantly change the strategy of your business and rule no. 2 if your process is not working adapt it to your customer needs.