Stuttgart 15.03.2016

There are two conflicting rules in business: Rule no. 1 do not constantly change the strategy of your business and rule no. 2 if your process is not working adapt it to your customer needs.

 Any avid sales person would agree that some strategies need time to grow and find acceptance among possible customers, constantly changing sales and product strategies leads to confusion not only externally but also internally.

Not achieving the desired result immediately can be stressful especially when faced with fiscal challenges.

Nevertheless we are often faced with boundaries based on experience or what our industry expects of us.  Breaking free from these barriers is not always easy.  Any top business manager would tell you that true success is only possible when one occasionally falls on their face.

It is these lessons learned that are so vital for process or product optimisation, i.e. entering a spirit of creative destruction of that what is known that does not work so effectively with a new process or product which revolutionises sales.  It does not have to be as revolutionary as the PC replacing the typewriter. We are often so concerned about short term profit making that a long term sustainable success just seems out of reach.

The Management at Fordings decided to reassess their processes.  Although Fordings has won a number of projects, we constantly felt that we were not really speaking the language of our customer base. The needs of smaller enterprises for effective sales is larger than that of mid sized and big companies, however the purse straps are tighter.

Consulting is often a very impersonal business and although the results are very helpful it does not necessary solve the problem by itself, purely because it has to be implemented by the companies investing in consulting itself.

The risk to invest in something non visible is high, whether it is an advertising campaign in magazines, retainers for HR consulting companies or even taking the risk of obtaining investment. There are so many factors that one can not necessarily control.

We asked ourselves, what if we could take a greater leap in the consulting and help share the risk of start ups and smaller companies. Why can not more focus be placed on success?

After all the proof of the pudding of any consultative work is its success upon implementation

bild schaukelpferdWe discovered after completely breaking down the conventional way consulting is done, is that companies are far more willing to tell us about their challenges and that the trust built up is far greater and fruitful than before.

Creative destruction does not mean however being disobedient or revolting against conformity, it is far more a process of self reflection and the ability to not only listen to what is being said or sometimes not being said, but being able to read between the lines. Being prepared to start from scratch even if a lot of time and effort has been invested. Learning and starting afresh is priceless and helps form a product or service more than a company which is initially very successful and has no contingency or sustainable management planning.

It worked for us, perhaps it can work for you too.