>> Stuttgart 05.04.2016

There are many articles and blogs on twitter, Facebook and co, trying to convince businesses that digital is the way to sell your product.

Alone today when doing a small bit of research on this story I found by searching through twitter over 25,000 entries from small, mid and large size social media companies all preaching the same gospel.  „Digital is the new analog”, and in the words of Gorbachev talking about the GDR „Life punishes the late comer“.


This blog is not aimed at discrediting the digital revolution. In fact I am a big advocate of using digital media as a cheap tool to create maximum leverage of brand and thought awareness.

I am also not discrediting ecommerce; I myself am an avid online buyer, simply because it is quick, 24hour and relatively hassle free.

Nevertheless despite numerous technologies to create long term customer binding, I am a fan of the analog way.  Please do not get me wrong here, digital is great for commodity products, but when it comes to services, bespoke or even prestige products, good old fashioned sales is still the most effective way to win customers and also look after them.

Let us face it, what do we prefer more on our birthdays or at Christmas? The personal wish, whether it is the written card or the telephone call, or a mass generated E-Card or a Facebook wish.  I think that most level headed people would go for the more personal touch.

Face to face sales allows both sides to commit to each other, it allows you to control your sales process but also listen properly to what your customer is actually trying to tell you.  Of course it is possible to study social trends and needs by reading tweets and studying user behavior but really being able to speak to the customers is unbeatable.

I like to compare analog and digital sales / marketing to records and mp3 players.  My mp3 player can store much more music than a record, I can plug it in to different systems and reach different audiences, my audience can choose what they want to listen to, it is face paced and the music is quickly forgotten.

When I sit at home and put on a record, I am limited to what I listen to, but I concentrate more on what I want or my guest wants. Like a customer the record has to be handled with care and the needle on the player has to be dust free and properly set for the music to play.  When we speak to our customers we have to choose the language we speak, and listen properly to what they say, it is far more time consuming but if done correctly far more sustainable that digital media can ever hope to be.

The crisp audio sound from a record will never be reached by digital media, despite its many advantages. At the end of the day, I can take my mp3 player with me where ever I choose to go and this is important, I want my music to be heard by others who I cannot reach so quickly. I need both worlds.

Although there have been many examples of companies who have thrived 100% on digital marketing, I would love to know what these companies could have turned over had there been more face to face sales.

„Digital sales may win over your attention, mind and body, but good analog sales wins over your heart and soul. “

Author Andrew Lawrence