>> Stuttgart 14.07.2016

„Now the bull horn crackles and the captain tackles with the problems and the how’s and whys.”  A line from in the famous song from the Boom town rats. A song about the aftermath of a playground shooting. Like probably many of you I think that we cannot hear any more news about Brexit and the doomsday stories which have been drawn out if Britain does follow through with the result of the referendum.

With the new Prime Minister Teresa May and her appointment of Boris Johnson as foreign secretary such wishful thinking seems to be further away now than ever.  But today we want to say “Enough” the decision has been made and we can either concentrate on the how’s and whys of the result or we can get our hands dirty and actually focus on how we can help British startups and SMEs create sustainable success outside of their borders despite of the challenges of duty charges.

To be truthful we are of the conviction that despite the decision of many in Britain, the beauty of Made in Britain has not diminished, in fact now is the time on the crest of such emotion to take pride in this aspect and see the opportunistic beauty of it.

We will be increasingly active in the coming weeks and months to give British companies extra tools and support.  Let us take advantage of the weaker pound, it certainly makes British goods abroad more attractive, let us focus on the strengths of British skilled workers in the different industrial segments.

We want to speak to government and offer our support to many of those worried what is to come.  There are always solutions.  China for instance does not have special trade agreements with the EU, nevertheless it is one of the biggest export markets despite duty taxes.

The same goes for the US, Japan and Korea who successfully ship billions of dollars’ worth of goods into the EU every year despite not having the added advantage of trade agreements.

So what exactly do we want to do for you?  We want to offer you success based consulting.  This means we help you look at your product in line with competitors on the market, help you create a short- mid and long term sales strategy which you can implement in the UK if you wish and implement this in mainland Europe for you.  You do not pay us for the consulting until we have done a significant amount of turnover for you.

Keep your eyes open on this page as in the coming weeks we will be presenting you with projects that we are involved in.

Yes Brexit will have a negative impact not only on the economy but also on British society as we know it, however it does not all have to be doom and gloom and we want to show you how.

Author Andrew Lawrence