When you think of the Aegean Region on the western Turkish coast you imagine dream-like coves, sandy beaches, and sleepy villages where you can buy fresh fish from quaint restaurants directly on the seafront.

Fordings have discovered, however, that behind the idyllic and romantic face of the Aegean lies the exciting buzz of international trade with immense potential: the oil and gas supplies beneath the Aegean Sea, international automotive suppliers in the Izmir region, and diverse agriculture rich in vegetables, fruits, and oils. The Aegean has the potential to become the new economic pearl of Turkey. Despite the fact that the Aegean is the 2nd largest industrial area in Turkey, fewer than 3000 foreign companies are active in the region. The hunger of foodstuff, consumer goods, and textile producers for foreign markets is insatiable.

“Its electricity is generated by thermal power plants in Soma Tunçbilek and Yatağan, and hydroelectric power stations in Kemer and Demirköprü. Izmir is the center of textiles, food products, automotive suppliers, oil and machine manufacturing industries as well as spare-part production facilities. In the Gulf of Izmir there are the salt mines of Çamaltı, the biggest supplier of salt in Turkey.

The bulk of the region’s olive oil is produced in Ayvalik and Edremit. There are also several sugar factories in Afyon, Kütahya, and Uşak.”

Izmir is home to the second largest international port in Turkey. It also has its own airport with an extensive logistics infrastructure. The region is connected with a well-maintained road and rail network to key Turkish cities. This logistics network offers a good basis for effective trading with EU countries.

Fordings has recognized this overlooked potential and is preparing to concentrate on the agricultural market – rolling out a business program on all levels with farmers, distributors, and the food-processing industry. The cooperation will not be based on a purely supply & demand model, but on a strategic basis with the mid-term goal of creating new jobs and industries. This goal can be achieved by implementing a series of parameters in the strategic cooperation such as the coupling of consumer trends, trend prognosis, product development, introduction of new technologies and methods, and the introduction of new brands and products for the global market.

Product development goes hand in hand with consumer behavior and demands within the importing markets. These behaviors and demands flow into our discussion and decision-finding processes in cooperation with our Turkish partners.

The Aegean offers a wide variety of agricultural products, which allows for the development of strategic projects. Whether new products, appealing regional produce or the establishment of brands, which can be more effectively positioned on international markets through lean sales processes, Aegean exports show great promise on multiple levels.

It is not just the Aegean Region which will profit from the projects which Fordings intends to implement. Companies across the EU specializing in environmentally friendly packaging, product and manufacturing certifications, and product-development consulting will have the chance to work together with the Fordings group, creating jobs based on new methods and strategies which can be rolled out to other farming regions.

Through grants and subsidies the Turkish government is very active in supporting Turkish companies export their goods. Sakine Sulu, member of the board of management for public relations and expert on the Turkish market, offers many years of experience advising Turkish companies on promoting their products in Germany. Fordings actively helps our partners in Turkey register for government support.

Fordings firmly believes that sustainable cooperation with Aegean-based companies is only achievable with a win-win solution. Long-term success means long-term measures and partnerships. Motivation for our Turkish partners is based on the following factors: Regular income, fair prices, and the chance of further development and opportunities.





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