Fordings – a new type of trade merchant partner. Fordings is a startup, offering a mix of strategic consulting in the area of trade commerce with massive potential.

Our portfolio covers a wide range of product offerings: From food, health and beauty, and lifestyle to franchising.

We aim to provide strategic assistance to companies offering exciting and emotive products, which, while lacking the capital to set up their own international sales organizations, have the vision to globalize their products. We are enthusiastic about providing the end consumer with a wider range of product choices in their daily lives, while continually helping the communities in which we serve.

We get excited about people with drive who want to achieve large goals in their life. We are also extremely interested in people who have already achieved much in their life and are looking for a new challenge, or have not had the opportunity to achieve their goals because of circumstances.

Fordings is not necessarily looking for individuals who have years of experience in trade. Send us your details if you have excellent communication skills, understand the needs of others, and are interested in helping those you serve. Our sales team is the most important link in the company: You are our ambassadors to the outside world and if your personality, motivation, and communication skills fit, everything else will fall into place.

We are looking for sales staff in: Hamburg/Berlin, Hannover, Düsseldorf/Cologne/Bonn, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, and Munich.

Your age and background is irrelevant. What counts is your personality, dreams, visions, and eagerness to achieve.