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Our main goal is getting to know you, understanding your business and tailoring our approach to achieve the correct results

“At the end of the day, it is not today’s but tomorrow’s business which drives your success”

The need for effective business development and sales strategies is often overlooked or underestimated when channeling products and services into foreign or even different regional markets. Often the investment costs to establish an effective sales channel or organization are completely miscalculated – or the need for a sales organization is underrated by management based on the argument that if a product is good enough it will sell itself. Many companies are daunted by the challenge of managing their staff in other regions and countries in relation to employee, labor or taxation law, etc. Other companies have great sales departments and just need help securing new clients from people who understand the culture and have the links in the market they want to enter. For many companies, the risk of trying out new markets is too great or the target market is opaque and establishing a business abroad is intangible.

Therefore it is important to find out exactly what your company’s needs are. Are you looking for a “foot in the door” approach, i.e. a sales strategy to trigger initial sales with your sales team sitting in a different region or country – or are you looking to set up a complete sales organization to gain access to different end clients in your target market.

Whatever your intentions, ideas or concerns are, our advisors can offer you a model to meet your needs or advise you on whether you need to work on your requirements to ensure your goals are viable in the particular target market.