You have grown up in the “No Risk, no fun” culture, but when we think about things, it is clear that this is simply not true. It is a slogan easily said after the 4th beer on a night at the town, but when you are sitting there with your crazy idea, which deep down inside you know has a big chance of working, your head is flooded with all the reasons why you can’t.

What makes things worse is that you are surrounded by narrow or small minded people who are scared of your ideas, because it interferes with their safety first mind-set.

Others are great at finding critique in your idea, they will pull holes in anything claiming that they just want to help.

And then there is the family, there is enough money on your bank account to perhaps cover 4-6 months and then you are going to go into the red.  Perhaps for may budding entrepreneurs, this is the scariest one of them all and I have to be honest with you at this point.  I know this feeling all too well.  “What to do, what to do, the happiness of my family are paramount”; but deep down inside you know that if you do not try, you will be kicking yourself until you die.

Of course, one is not to knock the advantages of playing the safe game, it is not a lie that although the internet has given us all a voice to present ideas, businesses and ideologies, it has also created choice, which means greater competition and although starting a business may be cheaper than 10 years ago, the over stimulated world around, is more difficult to impress. Many countries are only just coming out of stagnation after the economic crisis of 2008 and in Germany and Japan the prognosis is that the markets are starting to cool again.

President Trump’s politics, and unstable stock market, Brexit and many other things often cloud our vision.       

Perhaps the question that we have to ask is what is more important, safety or Vigor? Are we prepared to go for the crown jewels or settle for the laurel of bay leaf because at least we kept our family happy? 

Great teachers of the past like Joseph Schumpeter have a legacy that teaches us that in order to succeed and enjoy success we need to fall on our faces. Unfortunately, we are not all like Elon Musk with access to billions to push what we want.

In our childhood we learn early through risks, they form us, they form to teach us where our boundaries a

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re, however as we grow older our adversity to risk reduces greatly.  But let’s face it, what is worse than taking risks?  I can tell you from my own experience: Waking up in a cold sweat in the morning, knowing you have to go into a job you hate. Somehow lasting the 8 hours and yearning from Monday morning to Friday midday for the weekend.


Right now, you are surely thinking, OK, I have understood; What can I do to counter balance my adversity to risk?

The first point is that risk taking does not have to be reckless. It does mean however that you have to cross that red line within you, but the main objective is to be systematic, or effective. You do not necessarily have to leave your job, try to think more like an Intrepreneur, take more initiative, living by the goal “Just do it.” Of course you have to be prepared to put your head on the block if it goes wrong, however you know your job, you are intuitive. and if it does go well, you gain profile.

So how do we combat our fear.  Often fear is based on the unknown, or the known unknowns. Do research, and do not be scared if your idea already exists. If your idea doesn’t exist, you have to ask yourself why not and did someone try?  Why did it not work?  That is harder to do than being able to analyse something that exists and asking yourself how can I do it better.  My experience is, the more effort you put into customer experience, the more loyal your customers and business partners will be.

Tidy up?  Already a tidy person, then ignore this paragraph. Being in an untidy environment has major effects on our inner peace. This is no new age, yin yang philosophy, it is scientifically proven that an untidy, chaotic environment effects the way we relax.

Find the motivators. Love your friends, cherish them, but be prepared to discover that most of them are as fearful as you are. They do not mean to hold you back.  Try to engage in conversation with people who you feel are business savvy, try to build a relationship with them, win mentors. You need that coaching, that prodding, that pushing.  Why?  Simply because many entrepreneurial types have problems with essentialism.  They are magpies looking for shiny objects and lose heart easily when things do not work straight away.

“If things don’t at first succeed, then try try, try again”.  See the business meeting that went wrong as a learning curve and not defeat. Sure it is demoralising when you travel to some other town or city, thinking success and being met with a straight faced business person who simply says “not interested.”  Yes, by all means be flustered, but do not let it linger.  Ask what went wrong?  I like to ask the question – What actually was my intention and realise that if my intention before the meeting was not set properly, the potential that the meeting goes prickly pear shaped is high

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Small paradox here – “If things don’t at first succeed, then try, try, analyse and do differently” Do not make the same mistakes over and over again. Try some trial and error, however the paragraph above is saying that what didn’t work with one customer or potential partner does not mean that it will not work elsewhere, or with a bit of filing and optimising be more effective in other meetings.  However, it is important to analyse what happens and based on trial and error make changes in the game plan.  I would suggest here a certain self-critique if things go wrong.  It could be a simple – sender / receiver communication issue.

Get out of that comfort zone. Do something dare.  Is that not the famous saying of the SAS? Who dares wins. By approaching your weaknesses with a clear aim of overcoming them you will be surprised how quickly situations turn around.   This goes whether you are an entrepreneur or working in a different company.

And for those of your who believe, praying is second to none.