It is a sunny Tuesday evening and a group of people with diverse backgrounds from specialists in baby carry towels to 3D rendering meet up in a beer garden alongside the beautiful Feuersee lake in downtown Stuttgart.

This is where I met him, the man in the blue T-shirt; an amiable chap, quiet, sensitive, perhaps a dash of shyness to his character.

We got talking and soon, he was speaking about Marketing not being Marketing, the need for corporate and social responsibility.  I quickly realised that we have both been through the same baptism of fire.

The man in the blue T-shirt went on to talk about AIDA, yes like many of you, I immediately thought of the cruise ships with the face on the front, however he meant

Attention, Intention, Desire, Action.

The man in the blue T-shirt reminded me that most companies are “carrying on regardless” bombarding us with messages on- and offline and are blind to the warning signals.  In an online blog, he writes: “Advertising is loud, annoying and disturbing – Companies are not recognising the clear signals of their markets – ad blockers, spam filters, on demand TV and Radio, “No Ads stickers on their letterboxes””

In a different article he writes about how the misuse and bombardment of “news / marketing” – brand bashing or scattering as he puts it, has created like a slash-and-burn environment in our minds. Every piece of advertising that gets scattered our way that is not intended for us is like a match in a dry forest. At the end there is no life, we become immune, cold to brand recognition and news, the ground is no longer fertile and as water flows of a duck’s back, so too does the inferno of information thrown at us each day.

It all made sense, the man in the blue T-Shirt didnt need to be loud, he didn't even need to say anything because  I realised this was his attention model, the blue T-Shirt and the inquisitive eyes drew the people into the dialog, and the dialog created the interest, which created the desire which led to the attention. No rocket science, plain simple.

We spoke about corporate responsibility, talent management and its effects on customer acceptance. Not convinced? Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughins comedy take as apprentices at Google, celebrating Google’s employee engagement model. Continental in Lindau, Lake Constance are in the process of completely changing the outdoor landscape and indoor architecture to make it more google like, why?  Simply because treating your employees and making them feel important and cherished also sells your product with happy employees.

The German supermarket chain EDEKA recently pulled of a stunt in one of its larger stores, by taking every item of shopping which was not made in Germany or even where a component of the food was from abroad off of its shelves for one day. The reason? To show the need for diversity. Again EDEKA created a lot of attention without trying to sell something and it was a social issue.

So who is the mysterious man in the blue shirt?  Sebastian Eisenbürger.

Sebastian Eisenbürger
Sebastian Eisenbürger

Sebastian has been immersed in the world of marketing for the last 13 years. He studied publishing sales and business informatics. Alongside the development of innovative methods, software, tools and processes he berates many blue chip companies in ethical marketing along the slogan – “The best marketing is no marketing” - On his website www.sebastian-eisenbuerger.de he gives complete guides to marketing automation and delves in deeply on ethical clever communication, avoiding dispersion.

I hope that we can arrange an online discussion soon. The conversation with the man in the blue T-Shirt just reinstated that bugging voice inside of me, we have to change the way corporations think and act, both within their walls and to their customers in the outside world.

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