As Digital Technologies become more advanced, the void between the digital and physical worlds are becoming increasingly opaque, this chance is allowing companies to increase growth and revolutionise their sales and marketing.

There is absolutely no doubt that the term Digital Reality is likely to become the next buzz word across all enterprise customer interfaces. Digital reality encompasses technologies like VR, AR, Mixed Reality, 360 Degree video and other technologies that span digital and physical realms. 

"The best thing since sliced bread"

“Immersion though not a new word is the future” says Andrew Lawrence, founder and CEO of FORDINGS Innovate.  He goes on to mention that Digital reality will have a major impact in all areas of our lives from the way we buy products, the way that consulting companies co-operate with their partners.  Coming from the recruitment industry, Andrew said that this industry segment will see the biggest revolution as the war for talent intensifies and old management structures fail. In recent years the candidates have had the last laugh, however with Digital 5.0 new technologies can be developed to help companies identify the right individuals both from a knowledge base and a personality base as assessment centers in the future may become more like escape rooms rather than questionnaires.

“Let us be entertained”

Welcome to Digital 5.0, until now we have been sitting behind or in front of the technology, but with Digital 5.0 or Digital reality we are immersed in the digital world and the possibilities are endless. Being able to interact with products, for instance in the product development, being able virtually work with CAD models.

man looking in virtual glasses

Digital 5.0 is not just a bridge between the physical and digital world, it is also a bridge between continents. Imagine how ecologically friendly exhibitions will become when people across the world will be able to visit international exhibitions and interact with companies and products without travelling half way around the world to do so. Imagine all the material that is not wasted in building exhibition stands which have to be recycled after 10 uses. Here space has no bounds, and new ways to feature products and innovations will arise. Imagine holographic meetings, or virtual Telemedicine. The only limits are the borders of our imaginations.

Digital 5.0 is the next age of sales and marketing.  Andrew Lawrence says; “We don’t want to be shouted at any longer, we want to be entertained, we want to become part of the story line of our customers, we want to partake in their success.”

The market is yet young, but enjoys a growth of 80% per year, and we have only just scratched the surface.

Digital Reality is an enhancer, visually, it informs, it instructs and coaches us, it optimises the ways in which we communicate and co-operate. It encourages engagement.

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